Classic style with a fun + contemporary twist

Gemma combines the best qualities of Emma (feminine + classic) and Jenna (contemporary + fun). With unmatched versatility, dainty and delicate sizing, the brand-new Gemma line was created for the young and young-at-heart!

Style Dots Hex Convertible Collection
Hex Convertible
The Hex Convertible Collection combines keen-edged geometrics that are trending in the fashion industry with versatility in how you wear the pieces. You’ll love having more style options!
Style Dots Pointe Convertible Collection
Pointe Convertible
The Pointe Convertible Necklace and Earrings let you layer your jewelry effortlessly. Choose to wear one, two or all three Pointe Necklaces with the Pointe Earrings which can be worn in one of two ways. Creating your own look has never been easier!
Style Dots Gemma Cord Collection
Gemma Cord
Know the joy of having dozens of options when your wear pieces from the Gemma Cord line. Wear the Satin Cord Necklace alone or with the Cord Pendant that lets you add a Dot. The Tassels also add a swish of color to the foundation of your choice.
Style Dots Gemma Crystal Collection
Gemma Crystal
Sizable crystals get noticed most in our Gemma Crystal Collection. These sparkling crystals dangle from the Earrings, Necklace and Bracelet, reflecting the light as you move. Add an extra touch of radiance by snapping in the colorful Dot of your choice.
Style Dots Simply Dramatic Collection
Simply Dramatic
Sport a look that is simple, dramatic and trendy all in one! The interchangeable S-hook system allows you to swap out different styles of Dots with a silk cord bracelet and tassel in your choice of color. A must-have for the girl who loves to coordinate!
Style Dots Shine Collection
Shine Collection
Dainty and delicate with just the right amount of bling, the Shine Collection is great for casual or dressy occasions. Crystals catch the light in the Shine Earrings while the Necklaces create the look you love by snapping in a Dot from our selection!


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